Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back to the Drawing Board

Although my working prototype of LinFu.AOP has some stunning features such as pervasive
method interception and transparent code injection, at this point, it doesn't quite yet meet my quality standards for something that I would release to the general public, so I'm going to scrap it and start off from scratch.

Queue LinFu.AOP, take two...


  1. How does it fall short? Well, good luck on your next effort.


    P.S. Will you be blogging through the Analysis and Design phases?

  2. Its biggest drawback was that although it allowed you to intercept *any* static or instance method on any unsealed (or sealed) type, you could only have a single 'around' behavior or method replacement assigned to any method at any given time.

    I tried several hacks around this issue (including implementing the composite pattern), but there has to be a much cleaner way of pulling this off without having to resort to a design pattern to clean up my mess.

    In any case, I'll post the design specs for this AOP framework so everyone can get an idea of what I intend to do with it.


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