Friday, November 7, 2008

LinFu.DynamicProxy 1.01 is now a part of NHibernate!

After passing all 1500+ tests in the NHibernate test suite, LinFu.DP1 will now be an official part of the NHibernate distribution!

It's really an honor to be a part of a project that is so well-known in the .NET community, and I really want to thank the NHibernate team for giving LinFu a chance.

There were a lot of developers who shied away from LinFu DP1 for the lack of unit tests, and this proves that LinFu DP 1.0 works as advertised, regardless of whether or not the tests existed. You now have 1500+ reasons to try it out without worrying about any problems, so give it a shot, and I'll always be here to answer your questions if anything breaks.

[Disclaimer: That being said, I'm now a TDD convert and I no longer develop anything without a battery of automated unit tests--but it's still an big ego-booster to know that your code works exactly as it's supposed to work :) ]


  1. Hey! Yeah, It works like a charm!

  2. congratulations Philip! I knew it that you won't regret it to rewrite the whole LinFu stack by using TDD as I suggested in one of my older comments

  3. Hi Gabriel,

    Actually, the ironic part is that NHibernate will be using the original version of LinFu that was written *without* TDD.

    In any case, I guess that goes to show that it's still possible to write very reliable software without TDD--I mean the added feature test coverage that TDD provides is great, but IMO, there's no substitute for keeping things simple, and I'm not sure how I would have been able to keep LinFu.DP1's binary under 25k had I written it with tests all over the place.

  4. Congratulations!
    I was looking forward for LinFu from the first Codeproject entry. This is amazing!

    And I like your style that you actually SEE that "ego-booster"! I indeed agree on this you must totally enjoy that and feel the joy of it because you see it!

    But unfortunately there are some that became hunted and blinded by that (like my self!).

  5. Hi Philip

    I must be missing something, but how do I contact you, please? I've looked for a contact link on google-code, here, and your codeproject articles without success, so am convinced I'm missing something obvious...

    Anyhow, apologies for the off-topic comment. I wonder if you might comment on ?

    Congratulations on getting used in NHibernate, by the way; that's how I heard about this project (and got excited when I read your back-blog ;-) ).


  6. Hi Pete!

    You can reach me at

    That's quite a question you have there, and believe it or not, I just might have a solution for you. About 6 months ago I was toying around with creating a dynamic object model through markup (ala MyXaml), but I never put it to good use.

    Anyway, just contact me at my address, and I'll see what I can do --maybe we can work something out :)

  7. Oh, and Pete, you are in luck--it turns out that Fabio Maulo (the leader of the NHibernate project) has found a way to persist dynamic entities!

    Take a look:

  8. Philip,
    Do you plan to add silverlight support?


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