Friday, November 7, 2008

LinFu.DynamicProxy 1.01 is now a part of NHibernate!

After passing all 1500+ tests in the NHibernate test suite, LinFu.DP1 will now be an official part of the NHibernate distribution!

It's really an honor to be a part of a project that is so well-known in the .NET community, and I really want to thank the NHibernate team for giving LinFu a chance.

There were a lot of developers who shied away from LinFu DP1 for the lack of unit tests, and this proves that LinFu DP 1.0 works as advertised, regardless of whether or not the tests existed. You now have 1500+ reasons to try it out without worrying about any problems, so give it a shot, and I'll always be here to answer your questions if anything breaks.

[Disclaimer: That being said, I'm now a TDD convert and I no longer develop anything without a battery of automated unit tests--but it's still an big ego-booster to know that your code works exactly as it's supposed to work :) ]

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