Sunday, March 7, 2010

Announcement: LinFu is now on Github!

LinFu has been my obsession for the better part of six years, and despite all its features, almost every patch, fix, and feature request has been handled by one and only one person--me. After three years, the codebase itself has become quite mature, and I realize that there will be some point where I have to completely open this project up to the rest of the community so that it can grow and this is just the first step.

Today, I'm happy to announce that all of LinFu version 2.0 has been moved to Github (under the same LGPL license), and you can fork it as much as you want. I will still actively maintain it (just as I maintained it on google code), but the difference is that anyone here can make changes to the project and I will be more than happy to accept pull requests.

No man is an island, and now it's time to swim in the sea of possibilities.

Happy forking, and let me know if you come up with anything interesting :)


  1. Is there any way to do method call interception *at the call site* with LinFu AOP?

  2. Yes, you can intercept method calls (such as Console.WriteLine) at the call site if you use LinFu.AOP to weave the assembly that contains the target method call.

  3. Ah, I figured it out. This framework is amazing!

  4. Great Interview at Hanselminutes.

    I enjoyed hearing you & realizing how beneficial AOP can be & yet it is not getting enough attention in .net space?

  5. Philip, great interview @hanselminute and thanx for that.
    I'm planing to use this library in next projects so I presume that you are using it on big projects and is there a performance issue ?

  6. Hi Itgoran,

    Thanks for the kind words. :) Yes, I currently use my own libraries on my own projects at work, and we haven't had any performance issues with it so far...

  7. Do you plan on updating LinFu for .Net 4? I started working on a conversion but were wondering if you are also planning on this.


  8. @Jason:

    I definitely plan on updating LinFu for .NET 4, and I'm always open to contributions. Aside from updating LinFu to use the .NET 4.0 binaries, which features did you have in mind?


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