Friday, April 22, 2011

Speaking about “Ten Simple Rules for Rewriting IL on the Common Language Runtime” at NDC 2011



Red or Blue

Have you ever wondered what happens under the hood of an AOP framework? Have you ever tried writing IL, only to get hit by an unintelligible wall of PEVerify.exe errors?

Learning how to (re)write IL can be hard, but in this session, I will show you some techniques for rewriting almost any .NET assembly with the least amount of effort and the most minimum amount of frustration possible. The art of rewriting IL will give you the ability to change programs as if you (the developer) are the compiler itself. With IL rewriting, you can add, remove, replace, unseal, and redirect method calls from any type. You can change almost any method you can possibly imagine, including methods in third party libraries that don’t have any source code publicly available. The possibilities are endless, and there’s a whole other hidden world that goes on when you compile your code into IL using your favorite .NET language, and this talk will show you just how different things are once take the red pill.

Join me at NDC 2011 in Oslo at 11:40AM-12:40PM on Track 5, and I’ll show you just how deep that rabbit hole really goes.

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